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Healthy and happy life is the desire of many people. To achieve it, of course healthy lifestyle needs to be run. Healthy lifestyle includes diet, rest pattern, and healthy mindset.

A healthy diet is the setting of food by considering the intake of nutrients in it. Nutrition is the essence of food that is beneficial to health. Nutrients are present in foods that come from animals and plants. A healthy diet starts from consuming the nutritious foods needed by the body, not to satisfy the tongue alone.

Rest and sleep are basic needs that must be met by everyone. With good rest and sleep patterns, the body will function optimally. Rest and sleep itself have different meanings on each individual.

Healthy mindset is a positive mindset that is the key to a life filled with happiness and success. A healthy mindset starts by always thinking positively.

The things mentioned above, is a description of this blog.

I hope this blog can be useful to make you healhty and happy.

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