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Apples for Skin Health and Beauty

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Apple is one type of fresh fruit that can be used as one of the menu choices in living a healthy lifestyle. It tastes good, and has many benefits. In addition to beneficial to health, the content in the apple is also beneficial for skin health and beauty.

Helps overcome the problem of hair loss in men
Hair loss in men will have an effect on appearance. To fix this, one of the right and cheap solutions is to use apples. Apples have a chemical compound called procyanidin B-2, which when applied to the scalp regularly, will help increase the growth of men’s hair that is experiencing problems.

Prevent skin cancer
One of the benefits of apples for skin is preventing skin cancer. The content of compounds present in apples serves to maintain the health condition of the skin so it has a dazzling appearance.

Take care of your teeth
Teeth will be cleaner if often consume apples because bacteria that damage teeth can be lost by eating apples.

Overcome acne and oily skin
Another benefit of apples is to overcome the skin of acne and oily. This is because the content in the apple can equalize the pH level of the skin that decreases the level of oil production on the face skin.

Eliminate eye bags
Eye bags are caused because the eye is too used to see the object without being given a short break. If it is currently in trouble with eye bags, this problem can be solved by slicing an apple into a small piece, then sticking the apple to the eye bag. However it should be noted that in doing this the eyelid is closed.

Lifting the dirt on the skin
As the outermost organ, the skin can not be separated from dust and dirt. If you want clean and smooth skin, the skin should be treated properly. Many ways to care for the skin, one way is to use an apple mask regularly.

Reduce the risk of breast cancer in women
By eating apples regularly then breast cancer in women can be prevented early on.

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