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Cold-Pressed Juice – Natural Holistic Nutrition to Start A Healthy Life

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Living a healthy life is regular exercise and is balanced with nutritious food intake. Food ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle are vegetables and fruits.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables juice is proven to be good for health. Then why should it be juiced? Why not eat it right away? There is a difference between eating fruits and vegetables directly and being juiced. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Eating fruits and vegetables directly gives a more filling effect than just drinking the juice. Fruits and vegetables that are eaten directly also have more fiber that is good for digestion. Unfortunately, because of its more filling properties than drinking juice, we tend to consume only very little vegetables and fruit every day because “there is no space” in the stomach to consume more.

Conversely, by making juice, we can consume more nutrients from various types of fruits and vegetables that we can mix and drink at once. The form of liquid juice is also more easily and quickly absorbed by the body and gives a “more instant” effect when needed.

Fruits and vegetables juices will help us meet daily nutritional needs. Fruit has lots of vitamins, a number of proteins, and sugar content that is good for health. Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and fiber which are very good for the body. In addition, making juice also requires a easier and shorter process than cooking fruits and vegetables. For those who cannot or may be lazy to cook vegetables every day, cold-pressed juice can be a good and healthier choice.

Cold-Pressed Juice - Natural Holistic Nutrition to Start A Healthy Life

Cold-pressed juice is fruit or vegetable juice produced from the extraction of fruit or vegetable juice using a special juicer which is also known as cold-pressed juicer or masticating juicer.

One of the advantages of cold-pressed juice is its purity, because it is made without the addition of water, sugar and preservatives that are harmful to the body, so that the quality is guaranteed. In addition, the content of nutrients and vitamins in cold-pressed juice is also more awake and maximal than you make juice with an ordinary blender. However, because of its purity, the price of cold-pressed juice is quite expensive. For just one small bottle you can need some fresh fruit and vegetables. The life span is only a few days.

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