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Holistic Help for Insomnia

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One of the reasons a person has trouble sleeping or is often awake while sleeping is mostly drinking coffee, tea or cola. Great emotional pressure in work or family can also be one cause of one’s sleeplessness. In addition, too eager and too tired can cause uncomfortable sleep or difficulty sleeping. Prescribed medicines and health conditions also result in insomnia. In addition, aging includes one of the causes of insomnia.

Insomnia is determined not from how long the sleep time, but rather on the quality of sleep, that is whether we can actually rest during sleep. Everyone sometimes have had insomnia. However, this is only a problem if it happens every night. A new person is said to be suffering from insomnia if you have trouble sleeping well, often waking up at night, often waking up too early then difficult to sleep again, drowsiness or tired during the day. Insomnia sufferers usually become more emotional due to less rest.

There are several ways to overcome insomnia

Without drugs
Try to do good sleeping habits, ie sleep at regular times. Do not exercise, consume caffeine, or smoke before bed. Napping habits can also sometimes cause difficulty sleeping at night.

Relaxation techniques, replacing diet with high tryptophan amino acid foods (such as bananas, cottage cheese, and milk) and healthy lifestyles including exercise can often help to sleep well.

There is the opinion of consuming kale leaf (Ipomea aquatica, Forsk.) or drinking water of nutmeg seeds (Myristica fragrans, Hout.) that pounded will cause drowsiness.

OTC medicine
OTC medicines containing diphenhydramine antihistamines are sometimes misused to induce drowsiness. However, sleepiness due to antihistamines is only experienced by certain people alone as a side effect. In addition to being effective in some people, these drugs work only for the short term, do not treat insomnia, and the effects of drowsiness can disappear after a few days of use.

Drug / doctor action
For cases of insomnia lasting more than a month, prescription drugs may be needed. A common remedy for insomnia with temazepam or triazolam may make the patient drowsy during the day. Drugs with zaleplon content seem good for people who wake up and have trouble sleeping again. Best of all, eating these drugs is close to bedtime because it will work very fast.

Be sure to consult a doctor first because these drugs are hard drugs whose use should be monitored by a doctor.

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