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How to Overcome Furuncles

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Furuncles are a rosy small bumps under skin and pulsating. Furuncles may occur due to bacterial infection of staphylococci in the follicles (roots) of the hair on the skin. In just a few days, the lump usually grows quickly, festering, with a yellowish “head” in the middle. The furuncles will be broken, dry, and heal. Pus in the furuncles contains living bacteria that are contagious.

Furuncles are a common disease and almost everyone must have experienced. Furuncles can grow anywhere on the skin and last about 2 weeks. It often begins with itching or pain.

Impaired hygiene, disorders such as acne, dermatitis, diabetes, and anemia can increase the risk of infection and the occurrence of furuncles.

To avoid the growth of furuncle, keep your body clean daily and avoid excessive scratching if the skin itch.

How to overcome furuncles without drugs

Compress furuncles with warm wet towels about 15-20 minutes or with a liquid Rivanol (can be purchased at a pharmacy) several times a day. It can make furuncles quick “ripe” and broke. Remember, do not force pus out of furuncles (squeezed or stabbed) because it can spread the infection to surrounding skin tissue.

How to overcome furuncles with traditional medicine

Leaves of heart-shaped jelly grass (Cyclea barbata, Miers, and Stephania capitata, Spreng), which are crushed and then affixed to a furuncles make the furuncles become quickly “ripe”.

Leaves of water spinach (Ipomea aquatica, Forsk) as much as 15-20 pieces, wash, then pounded. Compress on furuncles.

If the furuncles break out, keep the cleansing of the furuncles until they totally heal. If it needs to be bandaged, change the bandage every day. Do not forget to wash your hands often.

How to overcome furuncles with over-the-counter medications

To clean furuncles, use an antiseptic solution containing povidone jodium.

How to overcome furuncles by consulting a doctor

In some cases, doctors will give antibiotics in the form of ointments such as bacitracin, tetracycline, and others. If deemed necessary, the doctor will perform draining by surgery (drainage)

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