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Say Yes or No To Noni Fruit ?

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Noni fruit is one of the original fruit originating from Southeast Asia. The shape of the fruit is slightly oval and slightly spotted on the surface, but many people who do not like the aroma of this fruit. In general, noni fruit used by some people for food such as vegetables, salad and juice. Although the appearance is less tempting taste, there are many benefits of noni fruit for health that may have never been known before.

There are many benefits of noni fruits for health. Lower cholesterol levels in the blood, boost the immune system, prevent cancer, prevent osteoporosis, overcome arthritis, overcoming skin diseases, and facilitate digestion. This fruit is also beneficial to reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, and gout.

In consuming noni fruit for health, it should also be noted side effects of this fruit. Basically, noni fruit tend to be safe as a fruit consumed. However, if consumed by a person with certain conditions, noni fruit juice can cause harm to the health of the liver.

Noni fruit into one of the fruits is quite dangerous for people with liver disease. Because some people who do not match the content contained in the fruit is often associated with cases of liver damage. Therefore, try to avoid noni fruit if you have liver disease.

For those who have kidney problems, should be careful when consuming these bitter fruits. The reason is in noni fruits there are potassium content in large quantities. This could potentially trigger new problems in patients who have kidney disease disorders. Several cases in people with kidney problems reported that potassium levels with very high levels were in the blood. After examined further, it turns out patients who have high potassium levels were after drinking noni fruit juice.

Miscarriage can also occur if a lot of noni fruit consume, which is why some doctors forbid noni fuit during the mother is pregnant because the fear can abort the womb.

In addition to being pregnant, consuming noni fruit is also not recommended when you are breastfeeding. Substances in noni fruit turned out quite active can affect the condition of milk produced by the mother. It is feared that this dangerous substance gets into the ation and is taken by the baby.

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