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Treating Scabies Naturally

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Scabies is a condition caused by a mite tick that makes itchy on human skin, called Sarcoptes scabiei. These microscopic mites commonly dig into the skin and cause itching and rash symptoms. Scabies are found all over the world and these mites are transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact with the person who suffers from it.

Scabies is a common disease. It was reported that the number of cases of patients with scabies in the world each year about 300 million people. Scabies can affect patients of all ages, regardless of income, social level, and life situation.

The mites that cause these scabies can last only about 48 to 72 hours without human contact, making it very rare – though possible – for scabies to spread through the bed or furniture. But if a person is affected, these mites can survive for up to two months. These mites can last longer if in cold conditions with high humidity. A person affected by these mites will usually show symptoms that will be visible within three to six weeks afterwards.

Signs and symptoms are visible if you are exposed to scabies, usually itching that tends to be very intense and felt at night, shaped like a rash of acne. Scabies rash can appear on any part of the body, but the most common places are the wrist, elbow, armpits, skin between the fingers of the foot, and around the nail. In addition, exposed skin is usually covered by clothing, such as buttocks, waist, nipples, and penis.

In infants and children, the disease can be experienced on the scalp, face, neck, palms, and soles of the feet. In some patients with weakened immune systems, scabies rash causes the skin to harden.

If the scabies attacked, immediately do the handling of these scabies in a natural way that is utilizing the Morinda citrifolia. The fruit of this one is already famous for its usefulness since time immemorial. In ancient times, many people use noni fruit to be a medicine for various types of diseases. But the fruit that has a very bitter taste makes some people do not like this fruit. Morinda citrifolia has many nutrients that are very good and useful for the health of our bodies. In addition to being called Morinda citrifolia, this fruit is called great morinda, Indian mulberry, noni, beach mulberry, and cheese fruit.

Having odor and taste is not delicious, but the benefits of noni fruit is really unexpected. Where lice scabies die from this noni fruit herb. Antrakuinon compounds and stunned in the noni fruit has anti-bacterial properties. So it can nourish the skin from attacks of parasites and fungi that cause skin diseases.

How to cultivate it very easily, the fruit of plants that grow in the yard of this house can be utilized in a blender and with enough water. After that, apply on skin affected by scabies. Even the dregs from the fruit can also be reused to bandage the wound so that the treatment process can be maximized.

Or by another way that is take 1 mature noni fruit. Add a bit of bark and noni root. Then boiled noni fruit, bark and noni roots into a frying pan. After boiling, cool the boiled water. Take boiled water and wash on affected skin.

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